Is the snail breeding business profitable in the Republic of Belarus?

To date, in the Republic of Belarus, almost nothing is heard or known about the business of “Breeding and growing snails”. At the same time, if we analyze in this direction the countries of Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, etc.), then snail farms have existed there for a long time and their number is constantly increasing. Recently, the snail business has received a significant leap in development in Ukraine.

Breeding and cultivation of snails is a new direction of agricultural activity related to the direction of “animal husbandry”. According to the National classifier “Classifier of products by types of economic activity” of the Republic of Belarus (OKP RB) 007-2012 Classification of products in the form of “Snails live, chilled, frozen, dried or in brine, except sea snails (liparis)” encoded by a cipher

Today it is clearly visible prospects of this activity on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, especially in its southern part, due to weather conditions.

Let’s consider the main subtleties of this business, the directions of its development, as well as the features of growing shellfish on the created snail farms.

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