Snails HELIX

Environmentally friendly product

Today it is known that the snails of the genus HELIX-a storehouse beneficial trace elements and vitamins.



Farm «SnailsEco» specializes in the cultivation of such an ecologically pure product as snails species Helix Aspersa Muller, Maxima and Helix Pomatia.

The primary mission of our company is the use of environmentally friendly technologies in cultivation of snails to ensure the high quality of the product.

Basic principles of our work:
- we treat our business “with love”;
- we use modern technologies that enable us to achieve the best result;
- the high quality product is one of the main elements of our business.

About company


Our company is registered on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the Brest region. This area is characterized by a temperate continental climatethat is marked by rather mild winters and moderately warm summers. The average annual humidity is 76%. It rains about 160 days a year. The growing season lasts 214 daysin this area. All these and other positive climatic conditions contribute to the favorable cultivation and reproduction of snails.