What is the uniqueness of snails and why they are bred?

For residents of Belarus, snails are most often associated with grape, garden or river snails that crawl in the garden, along roads and near reservoirs, mainly after rain. Until recently, no one could have imagined that snails could be grown on farms and successfully engage in this type of business activity.

It is worth noting that today the culture of consumption of snails, processed snail meat and snail caviar on the territory of the CIS countries is practically not developed. Isolated cases of cooking and eating grape snails at home. For us, this product is a “curiosity” and its use is not common at the mass market level. Today, snail dishes can only be found in certain categories of restaurants that adhere to the production of dishes from the Mediterranean menu. Therefore, the main markets for snails are the countries of the European Union and Asia, where the snail is perceived as a delicacy and is valued for its unique nutritional characteristics.

In fact, the snail has a storehouse of useful trace elements and properties. Live snails are used in pharmacy and cosmetology, because snail mucus extract has unique properties that favorably affect human skin. Snail meat is used in cooking, most often the French dish “Escargot”is prepared from snails. Snail caviar has a unique taste, and its price on the market reaches the level of black caviar.

So it turns out that the snail is small, inconspicuous, and the benefits of it are not counted!

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