How to start a business?

Before starting a snail business, you need to answer a lot of questions for yourself: what season to start? where to start? what are the conditions for keeping snails? how to set up a farm? what is a broodstock and where to get it? how to grow snails? how to breed snails? where to sell snails and snail caviar? And this is not yet a complete list of questions to be answered…

If very briefly – 1 kg. cooked snails in the form of semi-finished dishes escargot in the domestic network of stores costs about 70 bel. rub. And to grow 1 kg. snails in the season, you need 1 kg. feed, the price of which is approximately 1 rub. for 1 kg. The cost of snail caviar is about $ 1000 per 1 kg. So imagine your earnings when growing 1 ton, 10 tons or 50 tons of snails.

But you should understand that, probably, not everything is so simple.

The main costs during the creation of the infrastructure of the snail business are the arrangement of the farm, the purchase of a breeding herd of snails and, of course, labor costs, since at first you will have to work hard and take care of snails.

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