Use of snails in medicine and cosmetology

Oddly enough, but more and more often you can find information that snails are used in medicine and cosmetology. Useful properties of snails are used in the production of drugs that stimulate immunity. The use of snails as food contributes to the prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism.

In the composition of snail mucin, there are special substances and elements that are used in the production of anti-inflammatory and wound-healing ointments and creams.

Domestic cosmetic companies such as Belita-Vitex, Belkosmex and others have a line of cosmetic products related to snail mucus. And how the use of Korean cosmetics with snail mucin has spread! And, of course, this is not for nothing!

In beauty salons, spa services with snails are becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, snails use different types of snails: achatina snails (large African snails), grape snails (garden snails), snails of the genus Helix Aspersa (Mediterranean snails) and others. Snails are placed on the skin of the face and neck, on wounds and scars, and they gradually massage. At the same time, the skin is covered with mucus, which favorably affects it, contributes to its smoothing, moisturizing and active nutrition. During the course of procedures, you can see the effect of skin tightening, reducing facial wrinkles, and mucus disinfects wounds, copes with irritation and dry skin.

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